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A Broker Associate with Colorado Home Realty

Christine Gulley

Colorado Real Estate Expert


Christine Gulley and her team at CHR know the ins and outs of Colorado’s real estate market. Let Christine guide you every step of the way — whether you’re selling or buying. Buying or selling a home is a life-changing decision. However, don’t fret. Christine Gulley, your local Real Estate Agent, is here to help ensure that every step you take is worthwhile — one that leads you to the profit you desire or a home you’ve always dreamed of living in.


Total Value

$215K - $4.7M

Price Range


Average Price


Meet Christine

Christine, a top CO Real Estate Agent, blends her love for outdoor adventures with her passion for helping clients find their dream homes. Beyond the thrill of competitive water skiing and the tranquility of navigating snow-covered slopes, Christine is a devoted mother to two wonderful girls and celebrates over two decades of a successful marriage. Her journey began in New York, continued in California until the age of eight, and eventually settled in Parker, Colorado, where she has been an integral part of the Denver Metro area community. Christine is now proud to call Littleton Home.

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A broker associate is someone who has earned a broker’s license but decides to work under the management of an existing brokerage company, instead of working alone. Christine Gulley, for instance, is a broker associate with Colorado Home Realty.

Your home should fit your budget, as well as the size and lifestyle of your family. So, before shopping, establish a set of minimum requirements for your target home’s size, location, and amenities. If you’re unsure what to look for, Christine is here to help. She knows the ins and outs of Colorado’s real estate market, and she listens to buyers’ concerns. She will help you find a home that best suits your budget, lifestyle, and other needs.

Reckless overpricing could keep serious buyers away. Under-pricing, on the other hand, could leave money on the table. As a CHR agent that knows how to analyze data-backed market trends, Christine will help you find that sweet spot that ensures the highest profit possible for your home, as well as its fewest days on the market.

Christine, as well as the other broker associates at CHR, view real estate transactions uniquely. She doesn’t strong-arm buyers into a home they should want. She doesn’t over or under-price a home to attract certain demographics. Christine listens to clients’ concerns, and from there, she helps clients reach their goal — whether they want to sell profitably or purchase wisely.

Work With Christine

As a Colorado resident and a Broker Associate with the Colorado Home Realty team (CHR), Christine Gulley knows the local real estate market like the back of her hand. She has led many real estate trips before. Let her guide you this time, and she will help you find the quickest and most profitable route to your goal.