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Selling your home can be a complicated and stressful process. Any misstep, such as reckless pricing or sloppy negotiation, can cost you thousands of dollars. It’s a good thing that in Colorado, someone like Christine Gulley will back you up.
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Christine Goes to Great Lengths to Sell Your Home

Estate-agent-giving-keys-to-couple-on-light-backgroundChristine helps sell your home in the most profitable way. It means achieving two things: your home’s highest price tag and the fewest days it stays on the market.

As a broker associate with Colorado Home Realty, Christine knows how to analyze market trends and insights to price homes accurately. She will suggest a sales price that is not too high, not too low. She often finds the sweet spot that ensures clients sell their home fast and at its highest possible price.

To further ensure she achieves that goal, Christine often goes the extra mile. She suggests well-thought-out home improvements with returns that will more than justify the investment. She also provides staging services to make your home more appealing to potential buyers. That, alone, can add as much as five percent to your bottom line.

Also, Christine provides a marketing plan based on the latest facts about the home-buying behavior of people in Colorado. For instance, it turns out that 97% of home buyers find their dream homes through four specific channels. So, Christine, like other CHR agents, focuses all the marketing efforts only on these four channels.

Christine Negotiates Aggressively and Intelligently

Selling a home requires striking a deal beyond price. You also need to negotiate on possession terms, inspection costs, inclusions, and more — all sometimes complicated matters. Push too hard, and a buyer can walk; give in too quickly, and the buyer walks all over you. Fortunately, Christine is here to help.

As a CHR agent, Christine is intelligently aggressive when it comes to promoting your best interests in negotiations. She will be your advocate, but rest assured that she will demonstrate the utmost respect for your buyer, as well. She will help you make intelligent trade-offs that benefit you, as well as those who are on the other side of the table.

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Wether you're buying or selling a home in Colorado, Christine is your consultant, advocate, and friend.

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